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Our buildings are made from 24-gauge steel on each side with 1.5” polystyrene insulation. Our insulation is rated R-18 making it easy to heat and cool! Our building process includes taking your needs into account to create a custom-building tailor-made with you in mind. From the first discussion to final handshake you’ll have peace of mind that’s backed by our years of experience, integrity, and great building materials!

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    Already Insulated
  • 02
    Lightweight & Transportable
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    Long lifespan
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    Custom Options
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    Easy to Heat & Cool
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    Engineered Tested


Wood is not lined or insulated. That means expense and hassle for you, the owner after the purchase. Wood is heavy and cumbersome to work with so anything added to it only increases its volatility for movement. Our buildings are lightweight yet able to withstand a 90-mph wind as tested by the military! Our buildings are already insulated so you have the bonus of putting more into it and still being able to transport it, should the need arise. Wood rots and needs care to slow this process down. Our buildings are built to last, not just for a decade, for a lifetime!

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